Faded Culture Black Barber Cape #color_black
Faded Culture Black Barber Cape #color_black
Faded Culture Black Barber Cape #color_black
Faded Culture White Barber Cape #color_white
Faded Culture White Barber Cape #color_white
Faded Culture White Barber Cape #color_white
Faded Culture White Barber Cape #color_whiteupdated#gid://shopify/Video/32726904832248#video_id
Faded Culture Black Barber Cape #color_blackupdated#gid://shopify/Video/32726904799480#video_id

FC Barber Cape

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Our Faded Culture barber capes redefine the grooming experience with a premium blend of materials, ensuring durability and a tailored fit. Stay effortlessly sharp and make a bold statement in our sleek and stylish capes, designed for those who appreciate simplicity, style, and excellence in every grooming session.

Included: Cape with dust bag.

Size: 68 x 58 inches, providing great coverage.

  1. Premium Comfort Blend: Experience the perfect blend of quality and comfort with our capes. Crafted from an 80% polyester and 20% spandex blend, these capes offer durability, flexibility, and a unique stretch for a customized fit. The lightweight and breathable design ensures not just comfort but also keeps your customers cool during every grooming session."

  2. Water and Stain Resistant:  Stay worry-free during haircuts. Our capes repel water and stains, keeping you and your clients looking sharp and clean.

  3. Tailored Fit with Adjustable Clip ClosureEnjoy a snug fit with our capes, featuring an adjustable clip device for easy and secure closure. No more interruptions – just a smooth and comfortable grooming experience. Suitable for any size neck, thanks to the convenient clip adjustment.

  4. Easy Cleanup: Our capes make cleaning up after haircuts super easy. They resist water and stains and are a not difficult to clean, so you'll always look sharp for your clients. Choose simplicity and style – the smart choice for barbers who want things uncomplicated and always on point.

  5. Stylish Options:  Elevate your barber station with the sleek and stylish design of Faded Culture capes. Available in classic black with white print or white with black print, our capes effortlessly blend fashion with functionality, making a statement in any salon.

  6. Trusted Quality:  Choose Faded Culture with confidence. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted name in the barber industry. Join the Faded Culture community and experience the difference.

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Please email us at fadedculture100@gmail.com for information on orders and general questions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 987 reviews
FC Shear set
Citlali Cruz

I love them!

El mejor producto

De lo bueno lo mejor gracias faded culture esta muy bien el barber smock

FC Shave Kit
dylann DJDDJDJ

love from HAWAII❤️

FC Barber Cape
John Foley
Cleanest Cape

Got the white FC cape and it’s so nasty 🔥. High quality too, vs an illuzien cape…..this might take it 👀. I recommend anything from FC, even if i wasn’t a barber their clothes are 🔥

Great Razor

Really nice razer, high quality, and good looking. Great packaging, even came with some blades. Also got the white faded culture cape, so clean. Came in a nice white string bag, Highly recommended anything from these guys.

Satisfied customer

Bought the faded culture set and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have a pair of mizutani shears but didn’t want to break my pockets on another set. I bought the shear set and I was surprised with the high quality I received for what I paid for. I highly recommend if you’re in the market for affordability and great quality.

FC 63 Snapback
Rick Schoppe

Best quality clothes to rep the barber culture🔥

FC Shear set
Valerie Frazier
Faded For Real

Absolutely love the clothing line. Best quality went into the material selection with a simple yet classic designs. Faded Culture represents a diverse body of people that share the same passion of barbering. A barber's job is to make people look great. Faded Culture makes barber's look great while servicing their clients.

Dope love it.

Really effective!

Love the product! Works very well and the effect lasts super long

FC Shear set
alejandro cifuentes
Left handed shear set

I was very impressed by how well they cut and how light they are!

Sick shirt

Love the graphic and the fit. Gotta cop some plain tees for sure



Fits great, wash’s well, quality right on par as usual

Shaving Gel
Mateo Surles-ramirez

Amazing products! And smells great! Clients love it!

FC Shear set
victor martinez

These shears are super sharp. I really enjoy how they cut like butter.

FC Shave Kit
Omar Olvera
Best out there

Best out there 🔥

Faded culture smoke t-shirt

Love the shirt! Good material! Got a size small but a little oversized for a girl!

FC Shave Kit
FC Shave Kit

Really like the detail, design of the Turkish razor. Very nice the hand, light and love using it!
Blades are sharp and shave really well.
Shave gel is quick n’ simple and like how it leaves a fresh feeling on the skin!

FC Shear set
tianna cruzzetti

Great quality, super sharp and they cut through thick hair amazing. Will be buying them again.

Manuel Aragon
Fire quality

Badass quality. Appreciate the packaging. You guys have a one of a kind packaging. All blacked out just like my soul. You’re packaging alone motivated me to buy more of your guys merch. Hopefully one day I can be a brand ambassador!

Shamar Griffin

Everything is perfect

Everything was perfect, all the way down to the design and the sleek look it has. Immediately did wonders!

Fit exactly right.

FC Shave Kit
Jose Acosta
FC shave kit

I love it man, y'all definitely have to drop a after shave that has the masculine, clean smell such as the shaving gel does